International Client List

In the past years, TRTTC has got privileged to do partnership with many renowned agencies and projects. It has rendered its services for more than 50 different agencies including government, non- government, donor and private sector agencies. Few of the prestigious organization for which TRTTC has worked/is working has been listed below.

Labour Market Data
Labour market absorption of government and private sector in Nepal is less than 50,000 annually. Annually there are more than 300,000 new entrants in labour force of 12 million (ILO 2014)
According to one ILO estimate, in order to fully absorb the new entrants into the labour force and reduce working poverty by half by 2015, the country will need to create around 500,000 “productive employment” per year during 2009-2015.
Educational achievement of workforce is poor: 62% leave school by grade 5, over 75% by grade 8, and about 47% never attend school (Nepal Labour Force Survey 2008, CBS, ILO)
Approx. 1000-1500 youth leave the country each day by air alone as migrant labourers. This amounts to more than 500,000 youths leaving the country every year.
About 74% of the workforce who migrate to foreign countries are unskilled (DoFE, 2013)
Semi-skilled workers earn 25 to 30% more than unskilled laborers (DoFE, 2013)