Major Strategies/Working Modalities

• Ensure purpose of training since pre-training stage
(Conduct TNA/RMA, design training curricular and modality, selection of trainees at grassroots level through partner NGOs, CBOs, Cooperatives and associations, conduct aptitude test during selection, and counseling prior to recruitment).

• Delivery of quality training
(Provide sufficient space for classrooms/workshops/Labs, adequate tools and equipment, qualified and trained instructors, standard training curricula and manual, weekly/monthly evaluation, 80% practical classes, industrial /enterprise based exposure: field visit, OJT, real practice at enterprise, use expert from enterprises as a resource person, adequate teaching and learning materials, and link with skill testing)

• Training Cycle (Procedures)
Core Area of Working: Carrying out study and research work in TVET sectors, identifying market gaps conducting of skill training and ensuring the post training support to its graduates are the core area of working of the Training Center Nepal.